Chapter 2. Installation

ippfp runs everywhere where php is running. I have tested GTK and NCURSES with linux only. Its recommended to use the pear installer to install ippfp: pear install ippfp_x.x.x.tgz Otherwise you can copy the directory named 'ippfp' into your project.

If you make a require_once('ippfp/ippfp.php'); an instance of ippfp with the name 'ippfp' is already applied, you can use it instantly. It is neccessary to call your currently function with $ippfp->run(); to get the right view. At the beginning $status is set to 'start'.

2.1. HTML

No problems, you need a webserver with php support like apache. (php since version 4). You can get more informations at php documentation.