3.14. table

Table element.

create a table:

element createTable (array head, array array, [string name]);


function setDiv($div) - specifies the class of a div which will be wrapped around the table. If it is empty no div will be created. HTML only. Usage: $myTable->wrapdiv = "myclass"; HTML only. "meta" => array(...) - optional. Indicates the width of the columns.


		$myArray = array(
		    array("Dresden","a city with the flair of the former Saxon residence","Germany"),
		    array("Prague","one of the nine cities awarded by the European Community the title of European City of Culture for the year 2000.","Czech"),
		    array("San Jose", "San Jose has a world-renowned quality of life.","United States"),
		$myTable = $ippfp->createTable(array("city","description","country"),$myArray,"mytable");
Hint: HTML: Every second row is in "mark" class, usefull for inking.